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  Blue sky liquor purification activated carbon company mainly produces medium liquor purification,Liquor purification activated carbon,Activated carbon for alcohol,Activated carbon for liquor,Liquor special carbon, etc。Company is located in zhengzhou, luoyang,Only in the Midwest“Among the city”Within the territory of gongyi,Longhai railway、310National highway.Even khodorkovsky high-speed across,South according to wei songshan shaolin,North at the surging Yellow River of world culture celebrity poet du fu's hometown,Considerable west longmen grottoes、Luoyang peony。Out here,Communication,The transportation is convenient。

  My company's main products are series of activated carbon, etc. By domestic and foreign water supply and drainage、Electric power、Metallurgy、Urban construction、The oil、Chemical industry、The large and medium-sized enterprises to adopt environmental protection,And the equipment running well,Has won praise users。My company in China municipal engineering design institute,Under the guidance of the filter material testing centers in China,The development and production supply efficient drainage industry use、Energy saving、A variety of water purification filter material product cycle long,Mainly include all kinds of activated carbon,Polyaluminium chloride,Tower packing, water purification agent water treatment materials, etc,Spoke highly of and fully affirmed by the user……


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The ground The address:Gongyi city in henan province west village industrial zone

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